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Isbn Georg Dannenberg: Sozialistischer Rundfunkjournalismus. Funkhaus Nalepastraße in East Berlin (2005). Soviet broadcasts edit The Soviet Union maintained a service for its troops on GDR soil, " Radio Wolga which broadcast on 261 kHz longwave. Frankfurt.a.: Lang, 1994. Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk (nwdr) which also broadcast in their zone. Nevertheless, people continued (or attempted) to listen to rias and SFB/ARD broadcasts. ISBibylle Bolik: Das Hörspiel in der DDR.

DT64 - the station for young people. Deutscher Soldatensender 935 "German Soldiers Radio aimed at West German armed forces (1960-1972). Günter Kunert - Bitterfelder Weg - Radio-Feature. Es sind.734 Frauen online. Frage 1, bist du mindestens 18 Jahre alt? Isbn Patrick Conley: Der parteiliche Journalist. 2.112 suchen heute noch ein Date. After the Fall of the Wall edit After the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, the radio organisation of the GDR began to shut down as services from West Germany were introduced and the GDR's stations were renamed and refocused in anticipation. Contents, history edit, post-war edit, the pre-war, deutschlandsender stations, under the control. 234 kommen aus deiner Nähe.

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  • Rundfunk der DDR (German: ntfk d dede, Radio of the GDR) was the radio broadcasting organisation for the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from 1952 until German reunification, after which it continued until 1991 as Funkhaus Berlin (Broadcasting Center Berlin).
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Isbn Coordinates : 522555N 133224E /.432N.540E /.432;.540). Kannst du damit umgehen? Berliner Rundfunk - the local station for Berlin, focusing on East Berlin. " Voice of the Immigrants " - Aimed at "Guest workers" from Greece and Turkey in West Germany/Berlin (1970's) Radio Vltava aimed for listeners in Czechoslovakia (1968-1969). Isbn Ingrid Scheffler (ed.

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See also edit References edit Klaus Arnold; Christoph Classen (eds. Broadcast hours edit Year: Spoken word Hours per week Stations edit Domestic edit Radio DDR 1 - information and discussion, with local news opt-outs. The Berlin Wall edit The increase in hours of output from Rundfunk der DDR between After the construction of the Berlin Wall in August 1961, the GDR began a programme to attempt to prevent its citizens from listening to broadcasts from rias and Sender Freies. On 15 September 1952, the smag formally transferred control of broadcasting in the GDR to the East German government. However, attempts to jam broadcasts from West Berlin were soon abandoned as it was found to be impossible to do so effectively without also disrupting reception within West Germany - which was outlawed by treaty - and also ran the risk of counter-jamming of East. The organization was based in the. Messewelle - a West-oriented station broadcast during the week-long Leipzig trade fair in March and September. Ferienwelle - a holiday radio service broadcast on the Baltic coast from May to September. Leipzig: Karl-Marx-Universität, 1978 Ingrid Pietrzynski (ed.