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It's a great way of becoming more comfortable with your body and even exploring - and owning - your sexuality! Natasha says that she'll ease her into it until she's feeling confident. Natasha draws nude people all the time! Natasha moves in to help Gianna pose. Natasha assures her that everything will be fine! This is strictly professional, more or less! 'But you draw nude pictures!

andrea leilani nackt ficks law 1

What about that guy Ryan from her 18th birthday party a few months ago. She gasps as Natasha's hand brushes against her pussy, looking uncertain but also finally sold, caught up in the heat of the moment. 'Actually, you could help! Natasha giggles and playfully says that Gianna doesn't have to lie - she's the cool mom, remember? Besides, she barely even notices naked bodies anymore, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about! She asks if she should take off her clothes, and Natasha cheerfully says, 'Yep!'Gianna says she's still not sure about all of this, especially getting naked in front of her step-mother.

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Natasha's encouragement seems to work and Gianna gradually becomes a little more confident. Natasha's touches are light but with the male gaze to showcase Gianna's form. Once she masters that, that raw confidence will carry over into her everyday life as well. Eager to experience even more, Gianna is quick to do the same in return. She tells Gianna to picture herself being naked in front of someone she wants to have sex with! Natasha runs her hands along Gianna's naked body to get her into a pose that Natasha likes. Gianna seems to be enjoying herself, being more accepting of her step-mom's exuberant praise as she becomes more comfortable in her skin. Gianna is shocked, flustered as she hugs her body in an insecure way. She notices that Gianna is aroused now and tells her that it's the most natural thing in the world!